Ways to Make your Life Happier and Live a Happy Lifestyle

Posted on September 14, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Life in general can get difficult and usually leaves a person in difficult times. Being happy can sometimes be overwhelming and may cause a person to fake their happiness.


There are many ways a person can get out of that negative vibe. Some of those include trying to do one thing each day that makes you happy. This helps people have a way positive mindset each day, giving that a person a reason to wake up in the morning


Also,  having a good healthy diet can help influence a good positive lifestyle. By eating well and keeping up with your personal hygiene, you can impact your daily life. It can bring up someone’s bad mood into a good mood, along with promoting self care and making sure that you keep up with yourself.


The big question here is what is happiness and what defines happiness?

According to the dictionary, the definition of happy is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.


My definition of happiness is when you feel the most proud, ever, and you generally feel that you are loved and cared for. There are many reasons why one might feel happiness. Some of those reasons can be a positive event, good grades, remembering a nostalgic memory, or doing things that you genuinely enjoy.


The journey to being happy is an adventure; it can take days, months and even years. However, eventually you’ll get through those bumps that life set for you, but you need to get through those bumps. Find a way around that bump and keep on going.


Just know that there are people here to help you if you are doing nothing to help yourself feel better or less sad. I want you to go look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m done being sad.”


Today is the day I’m going to start being happier in my life. Today is the day I’m going to make myself feel better. You need to make the change, instead of letting that sadness take over you. You are a stronger person and you will get through all the pain. I believe in you. It’s going to take time, and I know. But the outcome of this is will benefit you a lot.


2019 is the year for self care and love. The year that we are going to love each other for who we are and the year we are going to notice the things others are going through and help them get through their struggles. This is the year where we not only help others become happier and live a good life; It’s the year we make this society better. –lthsvanguard.comNatural memory enhancer