What are Consequences of Bad Child Nutrition?

Posted on July 17, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

What are Consequences of Bad Child Nutrition?The mantra “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” holds true for every generation. Only if you are healthy, you will have the capability of being wealthy and wise. What you eat is what you are. And for this reason you must inculcate good eating habits in your kids. How your child eats today will have great impact on his health and future. For this reason governments across the world are trying to raise awareness amongst the local population on the importance of child nutrition emphasizing that unhealthy eating habits will make your child suffer physically as well as mentally. Nutritious food is the backbone of teen development. Good nutrition prevents health issues like obesity, iron deficiency and eating disorders among children.

How to prevent obesity in kids?

Children who are overweight and obese are more at the risk of developing diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and high cholesterol when they grow up. For this reason you must teach the importance of good child nutrition to your kids right from an early age. They should control their binge for eating junk food. Choosing food that is nutrient rich like green leafy vegetables, cereals and meat, over junk food like burgers and sodas, will help prevent obesity in childhood.

Are they growing optimally?

Food that is rich in nutrients includes fresh fruits, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and whole grains. Such food helps in proper development of the child both physically and mentally. For example when your child is gaining height, you should give him calcium and protein rich food. In case he is an athlete in his teen years, you have to be extra careful in providing child nutrition that has extra helping of proteins so that his body consumes the proteins for his regular health and also helps him through as an athlete. Adequate calcium intake will promote healthy bone density, which in turn assists in teen growth. For girls, it is very important that you provide them with optimal protein diet as teenage is the time when their internal organs such as ovaries are developing to gain maturity.

How good is ‘good’ breakfast?

According to a research, a good breakfast is an essential ingredient of child nutrition. Students who eat breakfast before coming to the school have better abilities to solve problems, they have better memory and are very creative. Children, who have had insufficient breakfast tend to exhibit behavioral problems, are more emotional and may have academic problems at school.

What are consequences of bad child nutrition?

Poor nutrition can result in a variety of issues. Children may have short height, lack of concentration, increased risk of fractures due to falls, dehydration, bad academic performance, eating disorders and poor vision. Girls may experience late puberty and menstrual irregularities. For these reasons you have to take extra time to teach your children about the importance of good nutrition.

Here’s a list of nutrient-dense food that you should consider giving your kids:

  • Proteins – Some of the best protein foods include seafood, eggs, soybeans or soy products, whole grains, milk, nuts and seeds.
  • Fruits – You should encourage your child to eat a variety of fresh fruits. As compared to the canned and frozen fruits, fresh fruits have way more nutrition. While fresh fruit juice is pretty good, it is always better to eat raw fruits. If your child prefers juice to raw fruits, ensure that you give him 100% juice with no preservative or extra sweeteners added to it.
  • Vegetables – No child nutrition is complete without a good helping of vegetables. Green leafy vegetables, beans, gourds, carrots, etc should be served in lunch and dinner. The vegetables contain too many minerals to be ignored.
  • Dairy – You should encourage your child to have lots of milk, curd, cheese and other dairy products. All these contain essential fats, carbohydrates and proteins for optimal development.

Good child nutrition

We are all aware that good nutrition is significant for all ages. But it is especially important for children who in the growing stage – the infants, toddlers, young kids of 5-10 years and adolescents. If a healthy body and mind is what you feel is the most important part of your child’s life, then give them balanced nutrition.

Balanced child nutrition is important, but don’t make a rule out of that. You can always take them out to a restaurant for eating their favorite burger once in while so that they think it as a reward of eating good meal at home.Natural memory enhancer