What is so beautiful about art?

Posted on August 4, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Most art, of course, is not beautiful.

You would be right though, to point out that the pursuit of beauty has been a common theme in much of art history.

For Plato, actual things you can see or touch are just reflections of the ideal and “ideal beauty” is what makes things beautiful.

People who go along with Plato look to non-physical ideals as the place to look for beauty. Art that makes you sense non-physical, ideals with symmetry and simplicity are considered “beautiful”.

Others look to Aristotle who looks more at individual things as the most real with no “ideal” aspect, just their individuality.

Some people look to nature as the source of what is real and beautiful.

Since the middle of the last century beauty has not been the most common aspect or intention of art in the western world.

Art is symbolic at bottom with no particular necessary connection to capital B Beauty. That is good, since Beauty is no longer “holy” it can be used by artists as one of many aspects of their art. -John Van Dinther

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