What is the Musang King Durian?

Posted on December 31, 2019 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

Malaysia’s Musang King Durian variety which is also known as Mao Shan Wang or D197. Musang King is the most sought after and expensive Durian variety due to its appealing texture and flavour. Its flesh has a thick and creamy texture combined with a sweet flavour with a hint of bitterness.

Due to limited availability and strong demand, prices globally for Musang King have risen dramatically over recent years. For example, prices in Malaysia have risen over 200% since 2014.  The price of Musang King Durian in China is significantly higher than elsewhere due to high demand and limited supply, going for up to 800% more than in Malaysia.

The Malaysian government noticing the significant loss of potential earnings due to the rise in prices and high demand has responded by making Musang King Durian production and exports a key focus recently with both the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry along with FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority) promoting Durian globally.Natural memory enhancer