What is Your Best Parenting Advice ?

Posted on July 6, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

What is Your Best Parenting Advice ?Ask anyone who has ever had kids what their best parenting advice is, and there will be an unlimited amount of different opinion from every single person asked.  The pendulum on discipline will swing from strict disciplinarian to wild anarchy with the children never being told “no” (some parents will use this as an excuse because they didn’t like being told “no” – what child does – or that they dread the inevitable “I hate you” scenario that all parents will get sooner or later).  There’s a happy medium, but understand that there are times when strict discipline is 100% appropriate and when some time to “run wild” is plain okay too.  Parenting Advice varies from parent to parent based on how they were raised, and what is considered “normal” in the areas where they reside.

Practical Advice

However, there are some good old stand-bys of advice that applies regardless of disciplinary standards, teaching of religious values or morals, and behavior standards that many thing of as just plain old common sense.  Some of these are great for those first time parents:

  • For those with a baby, the best Parenting Advice is when the child is down for a nap, parents should take a nap as well.  Since most new parents are sleep-deprived the first several months, sleep as often as is possible.
  • One of the most important pieces of Parenting Advice is to be the adult in the picture.  In the parent-child relationship, the word “friend” is not included in that relationship.  Parenting is tough, and good parents are not their kid’s friends – they are the kid’s parents.  Be the parent!  Make the tough decisions, and stand by them.  Do not back down and make sure to teach them the rules when they are young.  They will have plenty of friends in the neighborhood or at school, what they always NEED are “parents”.
  • Another critical piece of Parenting Advice is that here is a huge difference between discipline and abuse.  For some children the worst thing that parents can do to them is make them sit still in a corner with nothing to do for 20 minutes, and for other children they would love to be left alone in a corner.  Know the child.  For some children taking away their favorite game for a day as tantamount to the Spanish inquisition and others will simply find something else to enjoy playing with.  Just make sure the punishment fits their age and misdeed.  Be consistent.  Don’t let them get away with it “just this once” or they will understand it’s really not that important and they can always get away with it.  Make sure they understand “No” means “no” and there are consequences when they continue whining or misbehaving.
  • Get the kids into a routine.  Have meals at regular time, take naps at certain times, and bed time is always early for young kids.  This is as hard for the parents as it is for the kids, but in the long run the routine will be far better.
  • Second-hand stores are great.  Children grow at such a rapid rate and outgrow clothes so quickly that buying expensive clothes is not economically feasible (and common sense needs to be applied) so buying from gently used children’s clothing stores is the best plan.
  • Teach the children what is acceptable for behavior at the earliest ages both at home and in public.  There is nothing worse than a screaming child that is throwing a tantrum in public and the parent is ignoring them. (Everyone around believes the parent deserves the spanking!)  Certainly, a “talking-to” is in order when they act this way, “time outs” work for some kids, and for those who are extremely difficult to handle, sometimes the only way to get their attention is a spanking.  But it must be done when the child is misbehaving – not hours later when it’s less embarrassing.  Rest assured no child ever died from embarrassment.
  • Always bring extra diapers and extra clothes.  Accidents always happen and they happen with more frequency when parents are not prepared.
  • Be patient.  Be patient with the children, and with yourself.  Walk away, count to 236, or take a deep breath, and above all – no disciplinary actions in anger.

Joy and Frustration

Raising children are a joy and a frustration, parent’s greatest dream and worst nightmares all rolled into one.  Use common sense as the best Parenting Advice and never be afraid to ask for help and advice from others who are respected when times are the most frustrating.Natural memory enhancer