When should you start revising for an examination?

Posted on December 21, 2015 · Posted in Blog, General, How to Study, Personal

The best approach to revision is to prepare for it throughout the year by spending a short amount of time each week thinking about what you have learnt in each of your modules, and writing a page of notes including your own understanding and any questions you may have. These notes will be the basis for more detailed revision later in the year.

You might prefer to leave revision until after your taught classes have finished. Try not to leave starting too late, or you may find it difficult to get access to resources and advice from your tutors. Do attend any revision classes that are offered by your department.

Cramming at the last minute is not a good idea! It may have got you through A-levels but will not work so well at university level where you usually need to communicate an understanding of your subject rather than just memorising information. Natural memory enhancer