Why is HOPE so important in life

Posted on January 18, 2020 · Posted in Blog, General, Personal

One must ALWAYS have hope, no matter what! If we don’t have hope then what motivation and desire is left to be a happy person, to succeed in our careers, to realize our dreams? If one can say they have no longer have hope does that not mean they are giving up on everything that is and CAN be good? And giving up on themselves too? Your biggest strength is YOU, no one else can do that for you but YOU.

Every one of us at some point will face grief, stress, trauma and challenging times. No one can evade this, but it is HOPE that strengthens the person and enables them to pick themselves up again. It stems from hope that we seek solace in things working out for the best, things happening for a reason. Hope also surely makes us better people? If we become a person with no hope then do we not emit negativity to all around us?

During past difficult times, I have never given up HOPE. Hope is very important – it’s crucial! I would never want to be someone who looked at the glass half empty, it must always be half full!!!! Sometimes I have been told I won’t achieve something but my HOPE has afforded me the strength to go on and conquer that goal. I know that if I fall to the floor my Hope kicks in so that I pick myself right back up again!

Hope facilitates inner peace, strength and determination. These key attributes enable inner growth, positivity and happiness. If we give up hope we may as well give up on ourselves and all that can be good in our lives. – Rhonda Jane

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