Why it is important to retain memory than to boost it in the first place with memory booster?

Posted on March 7, 2013 · Posted in General

memory boosterWhy it is important to retain memory than to boost it in the first place with memory booster? At times, a fault line in the memory crust can be trivial like forgetting your keys in home and then coming back from the front door to get them. The same situation can at times be downright frustrating especially if you have locked the keys inside and now you don’t have a spare set.

I heard a man saying, “You know my colleagues know me for two main things. The first is my awesome memory and the second is-err-sorry I can’t remember!” Situations can be more embarrassing like calling your colleague by the name of “sport” because you can’t remember what’s his name. It could be talking to somebody for few minutes and not really concentrating on the conversation, keeping your eyes screwed thinking where you have met him.

According to Wikipedia, in psychology, memory is the process of encoding information, storing it and then retrieving it. The loss of memory is therefore, the inability to recall or recollect a piece of stored information. Scientifically it is known as amnesia or forgetfulness.

Memory is of two types; short term and long term. Short term memory is dealt with by frontal and parietal lobes of the brain while long term memory storage and retrieval is the job of the hippocampus. Now you know why the victim of an accident loses the memory of what happened yesterday but remembers the old things like his first high school dance!

The hippocampus needs Omega 3 fatty acid for the brain cells in this part to communicate better. This effectively means better memory. Short term memory has a strictly limited capacity and allows recall for several seconds. Information is never stored indefinitely.

Still, memory failures of both types occur. Absent mindedness or lack of attention leads to information not being stored properly and thus making later retrieval difficult or impossible.

Where a short term memory loss is called amnesia, a long term loss is dementia or Alzheimer’s disease which is also associated with old age and does not have much to do with diet at that time. Memory degrades with the passage of time but the depreciation period can be prolonged through diet, exercise and memory booster. Stress has a significant effect on memory too because the hormones produced during stress affect the memory cells and functioning.

Here are a few tips to give your memory a sting of energy:

Stay Active: Where everyone from your Physical Training Instructor in the gym to your mom keeps telling you to take those legs of yours out on the walking track, a few of us actually pay heed to the fact that staying active and brisk walking is actually important for weight loss as well as enhanced brain functioning. It improves the circulation of blood and the blood flow to the brain increases. Where this is associated with prevention of strokes and hemorrhage, it is also related to better oxygen supply.

Exercise Your Mind: Brain is a muscle and so is your memory. So stretch it and keep it active. Close your eyes at night and do a simple drill. Recall what you have done the whole day and try to do it in sequence. This would definitely give your brain and memory cells a boost.

Use Memory Boosting Foods: Foods such as sweet potatoes, okra, spinach, oranges, carrots, milk, almonds and fish have been known to enhance and boost memory. Fish especially, is a known memory booster since it contains Omega 3, the vital fatty acid required by neurons for better functioning and structural ability.

Do Not Smoke: Do not smoke; even on weekends. Nicotine tarnishes many things in the body including memory. Caffeine also has its harmful effects on the brain cells.

Leave Stress Behind: Stress is a key factor in difficulties related to storing information. It does not let you focus and concentrate for the information to be encoded and stored properly. Stress and depression increase with the amount of cortisol in the blood and cortisol is proven to diminish certain brain areas and their functioning; including memory. So use fun and friends as a memory booster is that helps inavoiding stress and depression.

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