Why should we follow rules ?

Posted on March 1, 2020 ยท Posted in Blog, General, Personal

We should follow rules for the sake of everyone so that we have the proper order and smooth society.”To be a responsible person and useful one”

I obey rules because If not I found troubles and became not responsible citizens.

Other people don’t follow rules because they don’t have self discipline they don’t care what happened in the future.

There’s should be a strict specific punishment and penalty if other person don’t obey rules.

Yes it is very necessary to obey rules and laws all the time for the sake of all human being.

There is no progress of the place you live if everyone will not follow rules.

There is a war and very complicated world if we will not obey rules and laws.

there is no better future for the next generation if we will not obey rules.
So therefore obey and follow rules and laws and regulations all the time….For the sake of everybody and to have a good and peaceful life. – Manisha Manjari

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