Yoga exercise for a healthier life

Posted on June 24, 2014 ยท Posted in Blog, General, Personal

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Yoga strengthens and stretches the body while it helps to focus the mind. Yoga has a bit of a weird reputation, but before you get all nervous, let me assure you that I do not wear Birkenstocks or eat granola. I cannot bend myself like Gumby and I do not weigh less than my height in inches. I do like Hare Krishna songs, but I refuse to wear orange. And, none of that makes any difference, because one of the really great things about yoga is that you do not have to be a yogi to do it. You can be short or tall, young or old, a super athlete or a recovering couch potato. You can take it slow and easy, or if you are one of those sweat fiends, you can crank up the heat and get the most vigorous workout of your life. Yoga works for everybody and there is no such thing as striking a perfect pose. You go as far as you can in each position, or asana, and that is exactly the place that will give you what you need. As you get more flexible, you will be able to go deeper, but it is still about getting to a point where you are comfortable being uncomfortable – where you can achieve equanimity in body and mind.

The other aspect of yoga that is essential for good health (and is frequently overlooked in other forms of exercise) is its emphasis on the breath. We all breathe all the time, so we think we are experts, but taking deliberately slow, rhythmic, diaphragmatic breaths has tremendous benefits. According to both ancient yogic tradition and modern science, deep breathing can be effective in reducing stress. It is also an essential tool in detoxification, eliminating carbon dioxide and stimulating lymphatic drainage, thereby clearing the body of metabolic waste products stored in our tissue.

It is possible that yoga is not your activity of choice, and that is fine. But, you have really got to try it at least once. You can take an introductory class at a studio or rent an instructional DVD so nobody will ever see you in “down dog.” Just do what you can and remember that wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. That is yoga.

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