A Few Thoughts on Parenting

Posted on March 2, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

One of the hardest jobs you will ever have in your life is the job of raising a child. Parenting is rewarding, fulfilling, frustrating, and delightful. There is tremendous joy to experience while raising children and there is tremendous sorrow to be felt as well, it is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and you will never regret not one single minute of the time you spend doing it.

When you have a child laid into your arms, and you know that you are totally responsible for this tiny little person, all of a sudden your heart swells bigger than it has ever been, before because it is filling up with the love for this baby. You are instantly in love and that feeling will grow inside you every day as you grow closer to that child. Through the years you will know what it is like to love someone more than you love yourself. Parenting is the selfless act that each of us do in order to repopulate the world with blood from our bloodlines.

Parenting is rewarding, fulfilling, frustrating, and delightful

There are countless books that are written and published about parenting, but the truth is that this is a learning experience and there are no two children that are the same, and no two challenges that are the same. One child may respond well to time outs and be very easy to correct while the next child may be harder to discipline and more independent. Parenting is something you do by trial and error, applying the basics and then filling in the rest with experience and common sense.

To begin with you will start your parenting career learning to understand your infant. You will learn to tell the difference between a cry that means something is wrong, a cry that means they would like to eat, and a cry that will mean they want your company and attention. You will start to learn their likes and dislikes and you will start to establish a committed bond with this little person. As each day goes by they will trust you a little more and they will also need you in different ways.

The next stage of parenting are, those toddler, and preschool years, when you will begin to shape the moral fiber of these little individuals. These times will be very trying because the child will be starting to test the waters and see how far they can push things and you will be trying to instill good manners, good behavior, and the basics of dressing themselves, and potty training. These are the years when the child will learn the most about you and when you will be pushed to your limits by them. They say that when they are little they step on your toes, and when they get big they step on your heart. During these years they ask a million questions because they are curious and they soak knowledge up like a sponge soaks up water. Be patient and constant during these years and the rewards will show during some of the later years of the child’s life.

Once the school years begin, parenting becomes almost an auto pilot action for a few years. You take them to school, dance class, recitals, doctor visits, dentist visits, and so on. You help them with home work projects and you teach them little things through the years like how to ride a bike, and how to care for the family pet. Each year their boundaries increase and each year you are needed less and less because they are learning to do and think for themselves.

Once the child reaches their teens parenting becomes very difficult because they tend to think they know more than you do, and they are certain that their friends know everything and are smarter than you are. Parenting these young people means you have to trust that all of the values and rules you have been teaching them have sunk in over the past years and you have to start allowing them to spread their wings. There will be many sleepless nights during these years and many arguments and lots of compromising will need to be done. As they are changing you will also have to change so they can realize their full potential and start parenting their own young.

Resource Box: Parenting is by far the hardest challenge that we take on in our adult lives, and it is also the most rewarding of all of the things we will do in our lives. Parenting is the one action that allows us to love someone more than we love ourselves.
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