Being a Parent to a Single Child

Posted on July 24, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

Taking care of one kid takes up a lot of your time and attention, leave alone two kids. Maybe this is the reason why most parents nowadays opt for one child. Parenting is very time consuming, also with our respective working schedules, it is very difficult to juggle both the home as well as work. Bringing another child into the world also involves going through the rigours of parenting all over again. However, if you decide to have a single child, make sure you do not end up spoiling him or her too much, or giving him or her too much attention.

Bringing up a single child may seem to be very easy, however, you would be surprised to note the number of things you may do wrong. While the obvious parenting tip is to make your child feel wanted by giving him or her tokens of your love, make sure you do not spoil your child with too many gifts! Instead of showering you kid with too many gifts, try spending some more time with him or her. Parenting means being there for your child. Try to be his or her best friend rather than winning his or her favour through gifts. Although housework can be tiresome and you may end up with little time on your hands, find innovative ways by which you can spend more time with your kid. For instance, hire someone who can help you finish your housework, that way not only do you complete all your work, you also have time to spend with your precious child.

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When you decide to have a single child, you must realise that there are several cons along with the pros. For instance, single children tend to get very lonely. A parenting tip is to make sure that your child’s day is filled with enough activity to keep him busy. Apart from school, enrol him or her in dancing classes or drawing classes. There is no dearth of options for you. Parents and kids both need to have a curriculum away from each other, only then can they value the relationship they share. Participating in various sports is also very helpful, as various values such as working in a team or have a good sportsmanship spirit are inculcated in your child from an early age.

Having a single child is not too difficult a task nowadays, with all the various forms of entertainment that is available. Parenting a single child used to take up a lot of time earlier, but now your child can entertain himself or herself using various distractions such as the television, video games, reading books and music. Parents need to keep a check on how much television their child is watching. While the television can keep them occupied for a long time, it can also lead to various problems such as short sightedness or making your child hyper. The constantly moving visuals sometimes even lead to attention disorders. Reading is a habit which should be introduced to all children at a young age and this is especially important when parenting a single child.

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Due to the great hike in the number of crimes committed, you as parents may be unsure about leaving your child alone or allowing him or her to go over to play at your neighbour’s house. While this fear is completely justified, you must understand that your kid needs to socialise with children of his own age group. Parenting can sometimes force you to make difficult choices, but once you are able to trust your neighbour or friend with your single child, you will see that he or she is very happy. Besides, increasing your friends circle to include those who have single children as well means that both parents and kids learn from the experience.

Parenting can be difficult and deciding to have a single child can really make you feel guilty. However, you need to realise that in spite of your great parenting skills you need to be realistic in your decision to start a family. If you are not financially able to have another child, do not beat yourself up about it. However, parenting single children needs to be done with a lot of sensitivity. You need to be your child’s best friend. Only then can parents and kids lead a happy life together.Natural memory enhancer