Best Parenting Skills

Posted on July 30, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

Being a parent means there’s good news and bad news.  If there are 20 people in the room, there will be 20 different opinions on the best Parenting Skills.  Some people feel that allowing the children to always have their way makes the child feel better about themselves, while others think that consistent discipline makes them grow up to be better adults who contribute to the society.  Parents aren’t supposed to be their children’s friends, they are supposed to be parents with all the frustrations and difficult decisions that come with being a responsible parent.

Even More Bad News

Unfortunately, there is even more bad news.  Parents get to be the bad guy in making the children eat healthy foods, going to bed at anBasic Tips for Parenting early hour so that they get enough sleep, making them do their homework, and stopping them from “having fun” when the “fun” is dangerous.  Yes, being the parent means giving them all the bad news like they have to go to the doctor and get a shot when they are sick, and since they are too sick to go to school, they can’t go to the party they’ve wanted to go to all week long.  Good Parenting Skills doesn’t entail that parents make those tough decisions that don’t necessarily win favorable points with the kiddos, but it’s part of being a responsible parent and making wise choices.

But There’s Good News

However, that’s the bad news, and there’s really some good news about being parents.  The reward that comes with being a good parent comes when the child does something extraordinarily thoughtful, which makes the hearts just melt.  It comes when they bring home that first report card that has all good grades on it and the teacher has written what a well behaved and smart child he/she is.  The reward comes when friends, and strangers alike, comment on what a great son or daughter that child is – that’s when parents know they have done a good job with the child.

Basic Tips for Parenting

Regardless of how good the child is, there are occasions when they do misbehave and start with the attitude, and when that happens there are some basic tips that can help support those good Parenting Skills:

  • Consistency:  One of the most critical aspects that all parents must endure and enforce is setting boundaries for acceptable behavior and being consistent with them.  Children need to be held accountable to the rules and even more important need to know there are consequences to breaking the rules.  Consistency goes the extra distance in avoiding future problems, and this needs to be established at a very young age.
  • Patience:  Patience is a virtue at any age, and it can go a long way in teaching the children proper behavior.  Losing the temper when the child is acting up only reinforces bad behavior, particularly when they are very young and still learning the boundaries of acceptable behavior.   Explaining why this is unacceptable behavior and having that consistent patience goes a long way in teaching the child.
  • Listening skills:  One of the best attributes of a parent is to listen to what the child is saying, not only by their words but by their actions.  Their words may be saying one thing while their body language and actions are saying something different.  Learn to “read” their body language, and particularly learn to determine when they are lying and when they are telling the truth.
  • Rewards and Punishment:  Children should be rewarded for doing well for special occasions.  This doesn’t mean that they are rewarded for good behavior in the grocery story every time they go shopping; it means they should be rewarded for the special times that their behavior was exceptionally good.  Punishment should be appropriate to the age and the bad behavior.  Time outs are effective for some kids while taking their computer games away for a day or two is far more effective for others.  The key is appropriate rewards and consequences.

There are certainly both rewards and disappointments in raising children, and having good Parenting Skills is key to having the children turn out to be good, decent people.  And teaching them manners and acceptable behavior early on generally ensures far greater rewards than disappointments.  Raising children can be a great time in life, full of wonderful times, exciting adventures, and plenty of joy.

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