Cool on-line MATH GAMES for your Kids

Posted on September 27, 2013 · Posted in How to Study

Cool on-line MATH GAMES for your KidsWhen kids are young, they are like little sponges, wanting to learn everything they can and asking a thousand “Why” and “What” questions a day.  One of the best ways to keep the kids occupied (and learning at the same time) is with Math Games.  There are plenty available online and for a wide range of ages, so that when they have mastered the Math Games for their age group, they can continue on to the games that are just a bit more challenging.

Pre-Kindergarten Math Games

For kids ages two through six, there are sites with more than 250 Math Games lessons and thousands of different games to play in a simulated classroom.  The characters in these games are colorful and interesting, and steps kids through a variety of lessons that feel just like games; but the good thing is they are building their math skills without even realizing it.  Some games use animals to help the kids learn their numbers, where others use flowers and different shapes.  These games teach the kids to recognize the different numbers, how to count, and even some basic addition and subtraction skills.

Elementary School-Aged Math Games

For the kids who have advanced from the Pre-K Math Games, there are games that are a bit more challenging.  Some of these games help improve the hand-to-eye coordination because the kids are using the arrow keys to move the character around the maze in order to beat the time and win the prize.  These are also great games for helping the kids to work on their logic and reasoning abilities – the quicker they figure out how to get out of the maze and pick up the points, the more their reasoning abilities are improved.  Some games allow the kids how use angles and balls to hit specific objects which also help improve their skills in figuring out how to position the board in order for the ball to hit just the right spot.  This help with a variety of math skills later in school.

Middle School Aged Children

So by this time, the kids are figuring out that Math Games really are a lot of fun, and they don’t seem nearly as difficult as they did in school last year.  Not only are there games for this age group that improves their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, there is an extra flavor that is now a part of these Math Games,  and that is the brain teasers.  Many of these games are puzzles in which the child has to use their math skills to determine the best way to solve the puzzle.  Another great series of games gets just a bit more difficult than the previous games and focus on a specific skill such as fractions, percentages, or geometric angles and degrees.  They are working on their math skills even though it feels like they are playing some very interesting and challenging games.

Junior High and High School Kids

With the popularity of the Internet increasing exponentially every week, the requirements of learning math gets more challenging to the students every week; however, there is a great solution in Math GamesBecause many of these games have such exceptional graphics and sound today, Junior High and High School students also have a variety of on-line Math Games that allows them to get practice in high mathematical challenges that adds challenging games involving algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics but it still feels and sounds like games.  When they learn easy calculations to turn fractions into decimals, or calculate variables and algebraic expressions with ease, they will find that math is really quite simple when it is broken down into specific skills that they learned early on in school.

It’s all About Math

Math is simply one of those skills that many kids find challenging and difficult because reciting endless multiplication tables has always been terribly boring.  When activities are added to these calculations where the kids can relate the mathematical equation to something they use in real life, they begin to understand exactly why having good math skills makes for greater success in later life.  It’s not all about just reciting tables; it’s about putting this knowledge into practical use.  Regardless of whether their goals lean toward rocket scientist, doctor, lawyer, truck driver, artist, or musician, math skills are important in every occupation.  And having some fun learning the math at an early age certainly makes the subject a lot less daunting the further the kid progresses in school.  And who knows, they just might start asking the parents for more Math Games than ever anticipated.


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