Does your Child suffer from Attention Deficiency?

Posted on July 23, 2012 ยท Posted in Memo Plus Gold

Benefits of Memo Plus GoldMemo Plus Gold developed by the Central Drug Research Institute in India is a unique extract of Brahmi that has been standardized and patented. The benefits of Brahmi has been known to the ancient sages for several centuries and the Indian system of medicine Ayurveda has found this invaluable herb to be capable of addressing several metabolic disorders in humans.

Attention deficiency is phenomenon that affects some children and can be effectively remedied when the deficiency is noticed by the parents or teachers. Missing details, switching between different activities, forgetting things, getting distracted easily are among the major symptoms of attention deficiency.

In some children other symptoms like difficulty in focusing on a given task, getting bored with a task in a short while, difficulty in learning new things, completing a task, losing personal belongings, trouble completing homework, getting confused at the slightest pretext, day dreaming, struggling to follow instructions, may also be noticed.

Attention deficiency can also manifest in the form of hyperactivity. Symptoms of hyperactivity include non stop talking, squirming and fidgeting in the seat, dashing around, playing with anything that is handy, restlessness, tendency to be constantly in motion, difficulty handling quiet activities and tasks, and related actions.

Impulsivity is another factor that will indicate attention deficiency. This is characterized by impatience, unrestrained exhibition of emotions, comments that are often inappropriate, actions without regard to consequences, interrupting conversations, and difficulty in waiting for anything.

Being a Parent

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When any of these symptoms are exhibited by children, most parents tend to chide the child or ignore them treating it as pangs of growing up. But, understanding these as a metabolic disorder and providing appropriate help would go a long way in putting the child back on to the right track and helping him/her tide over the phase to become an achiever instead of a laggard. Memo Plus Gold serves to comprehensively address these issues with the added advantage that Memo Plus Gold can also induce better general health for the child. Opposed to the approach by modern medicine the natural remedy is inexpensive and safe too.

However, it is important that as parents/guardians, you take note of these symptoms at an early stage and address the problem effectively through Memo Plus Gold. Children always want to be at par or above their peers and long periods of neglect of a genuine health issue can potentially lead to a more complex situation. When scientific research has brought forth a very effective remedy in the form of Memo Plus Gold why should you prevent your child from being a topper? Making it even more comfortable on you is the relatively low cost attached to this remedy.

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