Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

Posted on March 13, 2013 · Posted in Memory Improvement Guides

When learning about the overall body system, it’s always vital to deeply focus on brain health as this is a very delicate part that should be protected. The body is made up of so many parts, from the smallest vein to the biggest organ such as the skin. These parts serve varying purposes, such as protective coverings, digestion of foods and many others. The brain is a very vital part in the human system; some of its functions are improving human memory, sharpen one’s intellectual skills and helps one in making decisions. There are ways of improving the brain functioning and they include;

Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

Exercising The Brain:

Hard work with no play made Jack a dull boy, this is definitely very true. The Body needs exercises for it remain healthy and this also applies to the brain. There are many brain games and some other activities and exercises which are associated with cognitive roles which facilitate in coming up with new and fresh associations involving different brain parts. Some of the most recommended brain exercises by experts who refer to them as ‘nuerobic’ exercises are such as brainteasers and solving puzzles, mind mapping, having a shower with eyes closed, eating while blindfolded and use of non-dominant hand when brushing teeth or combing hair.

Keep Your Brain Healthy By Trying Something New:

Trying out something new helps the brain to be active at all times. Monotonous activities are boring and slow down the thinking rate of the brain because it’s something that you have thought of over and over again. The more the brain remains active, the more one reduces the chance of brain deterioration. Some of the most unique and new activities are like learning a new language such as Spanish, trying out some poetry and learning on how to use a particular musical instrument or a new dance style. Such activities will always make the brain active and yearn for more.

When it comes to learning a new dance style, tango is well recommended and advised for people who want to keep their brains active. Tango dance is not that easy, it requires patience, skill, determination and concentration. The songs which are played when one is doing the tango dance are always slow and calm, one has to learn the rhythm and move along with it. For people who haven’t tried this dance, they should since it’s so calming and unique. It’s a great physical activity that can promote brain health. Learning tango dance is also known to reduce the probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease mainly because this unique dance needs steps which leads to strengthening of the brain connections.


Sleep is very vital since it’s a way of resting the brain after a long day work. This leads to brain being re-energized, and process information. A human should have 6-8 hours of sleep a day.

Eat Good Foods:

Nutritious foods help in keeping not only the brain but also the whole body healthy. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, red cabbage, ginger, tomatoes, red cabbage, egg yolks, berries, legumes, beans, avocados, fish and supplements such as fish oils which are richer in Omega-3 are the best and advised by health specialists and are good in boosting the brain health.

Socialize With Different People:

When people sit down together as a group and chat, share ideas, discus different matters solve hard puzzles and laugh their hearts out, they end up helping their brains stronger and healthier. This is because discussions and chats help in improving one’s cognitive skills and memories. Intellectual activities are vital for the brain.

Have fun in your life, stay away from stress and look for new activities every now and then. Don’t focus or force your mind to think and follow a certain pattern, try something new every now and then. This will help your brain to grow and develop well. Instead of always going to a gym, consider aerobics then yoga sessions. Such minor activities will play a big role in maintaining your brain health.

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