Fun things for Parents and Kids to do on a Budget

Posted on January 1, 2013 ยท Posted in Parenting

If you have children and you live on a tight budget like the majority of the population does, then you are more than likely always looking for something that you can do with your children that is going to be fun and is not going to cost a lot of money. There are actually many different things that you can do and there is plenty of fun to be had by everyone.

Parents and kids can get into the kitchen and get cooking. The inclusion of children in the food preparation will also encourage them to eat more different things because they had a hand in making it. Parents and kids enjoy baking cookies together, but also teach them to plan a menu, and to wash and prepare vegetables. You can even take on a special project like making fresh homemade salsa together. Forget about perfection when you are cooking with children and focus on teaching them and enjoying them.

Parents and Kids to do on a Budget

One of the activities that parents and kids like to engage in on hot summer days is water balloon fights. You can find the water balloons at many different stores for very little money and then you can have a great time pelting each other and getting soaked.

One of the best places that encourage parents and kids alike is the public library. The library will have reading programs, and they will have movies, and they will have a billion adventures and opportunities for the parents and kids to become immersed in tales of pirates, and animals, and all other subjects. Do not just check out books and take them home for each person to go off into a room and read. Instead check out books that you can read together and make up games to go with the books.

For example: when parents and kids are reading Treasure Island they can make treasure maps complete with clues for the children to figure out that will lead them on a hunt for buried treasure of their own. Story telling adventures can lead to so many interesting things for the entire family, character assignments can be made for each child in attendance and small skits or plays can be performed during the reading allowing the children to become more involved and fascinated with each and every tale or story.

Parents and kids can go bicycle riding together and they can explore the areas around their house. You can ride with your children around your neighborhood and go to local parks, or if you live in the country you can explore the nature trails in your neighborhood. The exercise is good for the parents and the kids both and the time together is priceless.

Take your children camping to local camp grounds. You can enjoy sleeping in a tent, toasting marshmallows over a camp fire, and learning about the great outdoors. Camping trips are not as expensive as most vacations and there is something in them for the entire family, like hiking, swimming, outdoor cooking, and more.

Museums and zoos are places that parents and kids can go to escape the everyday and still stay on a budget. Pick out one animal at the zoo and when you get home try to learn as much as you can about the animal and their natural habitat. You can make this adventure a learning experience.

Start a bug collection or a butterfly collection with your child. Then you can go on nature walks and try to find different species or identify different species of insects. You can also start a book that shows the different leaves on the different trees that grow in your part of the country. Gathering leaves and doing rubbings of them will allow you to teach your child to recognize the species and understand what they do for the people.

You can actually spend more time with your parents and kids. Go visit grandparents and have them repeat family stories for you, or start a genealogy search with your child.

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