Games for boys that can shape boys’ minds far better than teachers can

Posted on August 4, 2013 · Posted in General

Games for boys that can shape boys’ minds far better than teachers canWhile playing, boys pick up essential skills and important learning cues far better than by learning a book or from a typical classroom situation. There are many reasons for this. First, they have a desire to learn because they are curious, and secondly, when learning is fun, their participation in the game is total. They want to have a good time, so why not play? From several educational games, boys pick up not only strategy skills but also social and cognitive skills. Fortunately, there are several games for boys online and offline that can shape boys’ minds far better than teachers can.

Outdoor games

By encouraging boys to play outdoors, parents ensure that their boys are active and agile. In fact, boys may enjoy playing outdoors for the sheer fun it brings, but little do they realize the loads of benefits they reap from it. For instance, outdoor games for boys keep them active, but this kind of activity is physical exercise for them, which can increase not just their physical stamina but also their mental health. This can be borne out by the fact that when they play Treasure Hunt, they are exercising their brain to think strategically to find the hidden treasure. Similarly, younger boys pick up important motor and coordination skills, which help with their physical growth.

Outdoor games for boys are also instrumental in instilling cognitive benefits in young boys. Their curiosity increases as they see a variety of things around them, which in turn leads to learning. Being in the outdoors also encourages boys to express themselves by shouting and laughing and making a noise, rather than remaining quiet indoors. Further, it has been proved that the more a child is exposed to the outdoors, the more he learns naturally. Also, studies prove that if boys play with those of his age, boys of his age, he will learn to share, solve problems and cooperate with others. Some popular outdoor games include cricket, badminton, tennis, skating, riding, etc.

Indoor games

Indoor games are so constructed that they can make children concentrate on a particular thing. After all, we all know that children have short attention spans. So, parents with young sons should not vent their frustration on them but give them some educational toys that can increase their attention span. Playing such games for boys can also help create a happy and playful ambience for boys at home.
Some of these games include board games like Snakes and Ladders, chess and Chinese checkers, which also are the foundation stones of teaching children strategy and the need to be far-sighted. Older boys enjoy playing board games like Connect 4, Scrabble, Game of Life and Monopoly for their gifts of entertainment, improving one’s focusing ability and being innovative.

Adventure games

As boys grow older, they love to include adventure in their lives and what better way of doing this than to play adventure games? Adventure games for boys are great fun for boys but their benefits don’t stop there. They encourage boys to interact with others in a group; they stimulate their imagination and increase their level of creativity. Of course, the most popular adventure game everyone loves to play is Treasure Hunt, while others are Dungeons and Dragons, Nature Scavenger Hunt and Stealth Fighter Mission.

However, adventure games also help solve problems, as in games like “Myst-clones,” Return to Mysterious Island and Voyage.

Another spinoff of adventure games for boys comprises archery games, which teach growing boys to develop skill, accuracy and control in order to hit the bull’s eye. Each of these games comes with challenges at various levels, which not only stimulate their minds but also give them hours of entertainment far away from the idiot box and computer screen. Popular games in this genre include Eagle Eye Archery which is played with a set of arrows and Gibbets 2, which uses the mouse to save a man due to be hanged.

Options galore

Every nation and culture produces its own set of games for boys that they can relate to. Of course, there will always be some games that will hold universal appeal for boys of all ages and cultures.Natural memory enhancer