Getting your Child to Help Around the House

Posted on August 10, 2012 ยท Posted in Parenting

Children need to be taught good manners and most importantly how to help around the house. Parenting involves teaching your children how to perform everyday household chores. It is important for them to learn how to work around the house so that later on they grow up to be self sufficient, independent individuals. Use your immense parenting skills which are at your disposal in order to teach your children work around the house! Parents and kids need to spend time together in order to grow closer and also to teach their children the duties which they should perform.

Allowing your child to help you complete your household chores also means that you will have less work to do. Now, that does not mean you burden your child with more work than he or she can handle. Start by giving your child small tasks such as helping you set the table. Good parenting will lead to your children picking up these skills easily and then learning to do these things by themselves. Once you have used your parenting skills to teach your children how to complete these small tasks, you will soon realise that they have started doing things on their own. Children love to feel like adults and the best way to do so is allowing your kids to help you with the housework.

Child to Help Around the HouseTo make sure that your child is comfortable with the tasks you assign him sit with you and discuss what you want him to do. Parents and kids should talk things out so that neither party is dissatisfied. If your kid is not happy doing his or her share of the house work, he or she will not do it properly. So, ask him what he or she wants to do instead of just imposing the tasks on your child. For instance, do not tell your son to help you cook because he will be disinterested. On the other hand, it is a known fact that girls like to help their mothers in the kitchen. A good parenting tip is to tell your son to set the table while asking your daughter to help you set the table.

Another great parenting tip is making a list. For instance, make a chart of the chores which you want your kid to do throughout the week. Keep changing the routine so that he or she does not get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Also, do not forget to give your child a break! After all, this is your child, not someone who works for you.

Rewarding your child for a job well done is also an important aspect of parenting. Being very immature, children need constant acknowledgements regarding what they do. Whether it is cleaning his room or helping you set the table, your child wants to know that he has done the job well. This is also a sign of good parenting. So make sure you encourage your child when he or she accomplishes a chore particularly well.

Many parents may feel that making a child do a lot of work around the house is unfair as childhood is the time to play and enjoy. However, childhood is also the time where parents can inculcate the right values in their children. Striking the perfect balance between work and play is what parenting is all about. As a parent, you need to figure out what chores your child will be able to accomplish without tiring himself out too much. Parenting skills involve you teaching your child that chores are an important part of life and cannot be delegated to another time.

Differentiating between your children is also a parenting faux pas which must be avoided at all costs. Pampering one child and making the other work results in deep rooted jealousy and animosity on the part of one child towards the other. Unhealthy relations are not what parenting aims at. Sometimes, however, your younger child may be too young to perform chores, while your elder child still has to. In such cases, the ill feeling harboured need to be spoken about and both parents and kids must come to an understanding. Moreover, as parents you should explain why the younger child is unable to work. Therefore, keep your parenting tips in mind when you are teaching your child household chores.Natural memory enhancer