How to Increase Concentration in Your Daily Life

Posted on March 14, 2013 · Posted in Memory Improvement Guides

Concentration can be defined as putting off many things and focusing on a particular task. How to increase concentration in your daily life is a serious problem being faced by many in this modern era.

The functioning of the human mind is still a mystery because unlike the brain, mind is invisible and the location of the mind is still uncertain. Some say your mind is in your heart and some say it is in your brain. There is saying that father of strength is your abdomen muscle and the father of mind is your brain. Putting your mind and focusing on a particular task without getting distracted by your surroundings is a difficult task being faced by every human being? Mind, like any other part of your body needs exercise to control it so that the brain acts accordingly.

How to Increase Concentration

If you can control your mind you can control your concentration and your brain. The best and the easiest method to improve your concentration is meditation. Meditation as a whole is a very vast subject but simple meditation for ten to fifteen minutes in a day is ample enough to improve your concentration. Let’s call it as transcendental meditation. This can be done anywhere, any time and can do it any number of times in a day. Results have shown that people who do this regularly has improved their concentration to such a level that, when he is doing a job and somebody blasts a bomb near him he would not notice.

What is transcendental meditation and how do we do it? It is nothing but focusing on a particular mantra or an object. To make it more simple; let say, imagine something you like in your mind for example the image of your god, a flower, or any other image. Bring that image to the center of your forehead between your eyebrows and try to concentrate on it. But first choose a place where you can sit in a comfortable manner and close your eyes. It could be your office chair or home or while you are traveling. Noisy atmosphere is the best. Then try to focus on that image slowly with your eyes closed and in a relaxed manner and as soon as you focus it in your forehead your mind will start flickering and your brain will start bombarding your mind with thoughts about things you have seen, heard, done and propose to do in your life. It may be good thoughts or bad thoughts plus the noise in the surroundings. Slowly divert the thoughts one by one and try to concentrate on the image.

After fifteen minutes when you open your eyes you will feel calm and fresh. During the initial stages you will be able to focus on the image for about five minutes only because rest of the time you will be busy trying to divert your thoughts. It is said that regularly doing this for a longer period of time enables you to see the object with your eye closed like you see in day light

Another method on how to increase your concentration can be done with your eyes open. This can be done anywhere like a movie complex, home, shopping complex and so on. Fix your eyes on a light or a flame of a candle and try to focus on the light without blinking. During the initial stages your eyes will start burning after a few seconds but after a few days you will be able to focus without blinking. Once you focus on the flame you will get different thoughts which should be diverted as explained above and focus on the flame or light. You will see that the image of the light or flame will become multiple images and continuous focusing will reduce the multiple images which will finally become one image. This method of concentration improves the power of your eyes and helps you to immediately focus on a particular visual task.Natural memory enhancer