Learn How To Remember Better and Keep Your Mind Active

Posted on August 15, 2012 · Posted in Memory Improvement Guides

There are many people who say they have a lot of trouble remembering things like grocery lists, names, where they parked at the airport, where they put their car keys, if they locked the door, where they kept their books a few minutes back, or turned off the coffee pot. Regardless of what a person is struggling to learn How To Remember – and it doesn’t matter what their age is because forgetfulness starts at a young age, and improves at times, regresses again, improves, and then just goes kaput at some point – it affects everyone across the globe.

How to remember

There are some tricks to help people remember things that may be of some help:
1. Writing notes is always a good idea
particularly when it comes to grocery lists and lists for errands that need to be run during the day. It’s also great positive reinforcement for how much has been accomplished when so much is checked off at the end of the day. (Of course this can be a problem with the person who tacks up a yellow sticky note for everything they needed to remember and their office and computer is completely covered with yellow sticky notes.)

2. Remembering names always seem to be a source of distress for many people, and there are a few tricks that will help remember a name:
· Repeat the name back after they introduce themselves and focus on remembering the name. If the name is somewhat unusual, ask them to spell it and then write it down which helps solidify the name in the brain. Repeat the name a couple of times, and use it often to help the memory.
· Use word association to try to remember the name of the person. For example if their last name is Holmes come up with a similar word such as Homes and think of the home in which they live, or come up with something that rhymes with the names.
· Visualize the name being written on their forehead. It helps solidify their face with the name.

3. There are many memory tricks such as mnemonics that allows the person to create a key that helps them remember the spelling of the word. It’s great for kids in school when they can create a song to try to remember the words or a poem. For example, the word arithmetic could be remembered by repeating “A Real Italian Thought He Might Eat Tortellini In Church”. Or if trying to remember the musical scale E, G, B, D, and F think about “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”.

4. Just about everyone forgets where their car keys are at some point in time or another. Trying to put them in the same place every time is helpful, but not always remembered. When putting the keys down (or hanging them up) stop a moment and look at where they are place and get the image in the mind.

5. One trick that works for a lot of people is to link the items that need to be completed to a silly visual picture. For example, a new leash is needed to walk the dog, the birthday cake needs to be picked up at the bakery, and the cleaning needs to be dropped off. Picture the dog wearing the clothes that needs to be dropped off then picking up the cake in his mouth and bringing it home.

6. Remember the “Rule of Five”, it may be considered “old school”, but hey, it actually works. Review what is trying to be remembered five times. Put it down, come back in an hour and review it five more times. The next day review it five times again, and again the next week, and again the next month. This helps complete the pathway of memories in the brain and is the basis for long term memory. Short term memory only lasts about 30 seconds if there is no effort made to remember the details.

7. If it’s a speech the early Greek and Roman method places “motion picture” of sorts in the head. Create a story from the list that puts the words into picture form.

There are many tricks that help people learn How To Remember better and keep their mind active. Different techniques work for different people, so work at to and try to remember which ones work the best.Natural memory enhancer