Kids Learning, How Kids Learn and Understanding the Learning Styles

Posted on May 13, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

Kids Learning, How Kids Learn and Understanding the Learning Styles

One aspect of Kids Learning that is extremely important is that parents be involved with the kids.  Teachers need to have a lot of knowledge and be a master of the subjects that the kids are learning, but education doesn’t stop at school, it continues long after the kids have gone home.  From the day they are born, there is an incredible amount of information that their brains process during all these development phases, and children have to piece everything together and figure out what all of it means.  Well, learning isn’t just for kids, it’s a lifetime activity.

How Kids Learn

Every child is different, and there’s no way to lump them all into one or two categories; however, there are some basic categories that children tend to fall into when it comes to Kids Learning:

  • Auditory – A lot of kids are auditory learners, which means they learn better if they “hear” the instructions.  For these children, listening is their strong suit, and most of them will continue that trait throughout their life.  They prefer to listen to audio tapes, and tend to grasp and hold onto the words better than just seeing the words and pictures.  These children have a much better grasp of sounds than they do to images.  They seem to have a great knack for discerning tones and changes and tend to remember things that are said better than things that are written.  When these auditory kids are reading, they do much better with music in the background, and they make great storytellers, and problem solvers.  These children think by “hearing” the sounds in their minds.
  • Visual – Many kids are visual learners, which means when they “see” the instructions they have a much better chance of remembering them.  For this type of child, reading is their preference, and they get ahead far better if they are given the instructions to read, or if they see a video, rather than just listening to the information.  For these learners, data, ideas, assorted concepts are better learned when they are correlated to images rather than to sounds.  These children do much better learning if they see the word or the instructions rather than hearing it and excel at design.  They make great photographers and artists, thinking in pictures and images.
  • Kinesthetic – There are also a lot of children who are Kinesthetic learners which means they are the “doers”.  These kids don’t learn as well via auditory or visual instructions, and better actually performing the activity.   This Kids Learning style is indicated in children who excel in “doing” the activity, and they tend to be greater scientists, athletes, artists, actors.  They remember things in relation to what was going on around them and the things they were doing at the time.  These kids also have better hand to eye coordination.  These children tend to think in terms of how something was done.

Understanding the Learning Styles

Teachers tend to have had some training in Kids Learning styles, but since the kids don’t come with a manual, parents need to figure out ways that their child learns.  Here are some methods that parents can use to begin to figure out how each child learns – and even twins don’t always learn in the same ways:

  • Observation – One way to understand Kids Learning styles is to watch the ways in which the child plays and identify the activities that the child seems to like the best.  If they are visual learns, they will prefer books with pictures and words, puzzles, and building things.  If they are auditory learners, they prefer the sounds found in videos and musical toys, and if they are kinesthetic, they prefer activities that require movement and assorted sensory input.
  • Interactions – Another means to understand Kids Learning styles is to determine how they interact with people and animals.  Some are great extroverts preferring the social interaction, freely engaging with others; learning better in groups.  Introverted children prefer to read alone, and do much better on their own than in a group.
  • Methodology – Also to determine the Kids Learning style is to see how the child acts with newer information, are they a step-by-step child approaching with logic and clarity or does abstract ideas and reasoning seems to be better suited for them.  Some tend to learn better through seeing and feeling.


When the Kids Learning style is identified, using the preferred method to teach the child helps them learn much better than other methods.

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