Manage your Relations with your Teenager

Posted on August 11, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

As this is a time when your child learns to become slightly independent and starts exercising her own choice rather than blindly following you, the teenage years are a time when you start having innumerable conflicts with your child. Although parenting means guiding them and leading them towards the right path, sometimes, it’s just best to leave them be rather than constantly follow them around everywhere. There are several more important issues regarding which parents and kids need to talk and parents need to sometimes realise that their children are on the threshold of flying the nest.

You will notice that most teenagers feel their parents do not give them enough space, while most parents feel that their child does not spend time with the family. There is a very simple solution to this. As a parent, you still have some amount of authority in your child’s life. Use your parenting skills and make sure that he or she joins the family for meals on most days of the week. Sharing a meal together is an extremely important aspect of family relations and parents and kids should do so regularly. Parents need to understand their teenage kids and for that one needs to share a good relation with the other. Instead of being the one who metes out punishments, be your child’s best friend. A parenting tip is to help your child solve problems which may occur in his or her life so that he or she does not have to go to any other source for a solution. If you are working parents and feel that you cannot spare time away from work to spend time at home cooking, make sure that you arrange for take-out dinner or dinner cooked by the help. None the less, make it a rule that every meal, home cooked or otherwise must be family time. Swap stories of what you have done the entire day and even ask your child to help you set the table and clean up later on. Use innovative parenting skills to make your child spend time with you.

Being a Parent to a Teenager

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Apart from various physical changes, your teenage child also undergoes several changes in his or her peer group. Due to this he or she faces varying level of stress which can lead to severe diseases. A useful parenting tip is to maintain a specific routine when it comes to the number of hours your teenage child sleeps. Every child needs a certain amount of sleep and while things may get erratic during the teenage years, parenting demands that you try your level best to make sure your kid gets a certain amount of sleep. Eating well is another problem many parents face. Since the emphasis on physical appearances increase tenfold, your child may try to look better by eating less. There are several diseases which you may have to face when parenting a child who eats less. The most common ones are Bulimia and Anorexia. In order to prevent this from happening, you must use your parenting skills and make your child eat well. When they are at school or out of the house there is no way of knowing what they are eating, but when at home, make your kid eat well. Eating fruits, juices and healthy food ensures that you kid stays healthy. Parenting requires you to govern your child’s dietary needs as well. They are just as important as anything else. An underfed child or an unhealthy child can succumb to a plethora of diseases as their immune system tends to deteriorate due to lack of nutrition. Junk food does not count as nutritional food and parenting demands that you give your child a home cooked meal as often as possible.

In order for your child to speak her mind, you need to spend a lot of time with her. This does not mean only one parent spends a lot of time while the other remains busy with his or her work schedule. Both parents must spend quality time with their child and this is a very important aspect of parenting. Parenting is a full time occupation which will take up a lot of your time and energy.Natural memory enhancer