Memo Plus Gold Side Effects Shared by the Consumers

Posted on August 14, 2012 · Posted in Memo Plus Gold

When actual consumers report on a product that they have used, the opinions have a far greater effect on potential customers than all the marketing that their advertising departments can produce.  There are a wide variety of consumers who shared about Memo Plus Gold Side Effects as follows…

According to Acute Toxicity Studies that were conducted on the Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi plant), the studies showed no adverse side effects for cases studied over a period of 14 years.  In fact it was shown that even women who were pregnant, or breastfeeding, found that there was no side effect that adversely affects either the mother or the child.

Another consumer stated that Memo Plus Gold was used for three months before any benefits were really identified in terms of memory improvement.  The capsules were taken every day and there were absolutely no side effect, and the unexpected benefit was that daily stress seemed to be minimized.

One mother provided a review that she had given her two children the Memo Plus Gold product while they were teenagers, and she saw “marked improvement in their studies”.  She went on to say that she had given her mother-in-law Memo Plus Gold after a bad fall affected her memory, and after taking it for one month, she saw many “positive changes” and “her memory is sharper than ever, and is active and alert”.

One cigarette chain smoker began taking Memo Plus Gold after a friend introduced him to the product.  Prior to taking the capsules he felt weak and lethargic and after taking it for a year, his overall general health has “improved tremendously” and now he believes in the beneficial effects of the bacoside’s antioxidant’s effect in heavy smokers.

Another consumer stated that there are no side effects in the Memo Plus Gold because of the effects it has on the brain to activate it and make it more alert.  This consumer states he takes it immediately after breakfast and can even be taken with additional vitamin supplements, including Vitamin B with no side effects.

When consumers actively research a product before they take it and spend a lot of time reading all the published materials, then take the Memo Plus Gold for a decade, they have a really credible statement.  This consumer stated that he is truly convinced of his beneficial effects and he never had any side effects.  He also gave a capsule to his children each day after breakfast and they thrived.

One consumer stated they have taken Memo Plus Gold immediately after breakfast and has never had any side effects.  There has never been any nausea, dry throat, vomiting, headache, or any other adverse effects.  He does recommend drinking more water while taking this supplement.

Another consumer stated that there have been many toxicity studies done on the safety of Memo Plus Gold and it’s been found to be perfectly safe to use with all other vitamins, mineral supplements, and has no side effects.  He went on to state it’s an excellent memory supplement for elderly people suffering from age associated memory impairment.

One student stated that it’s ideal for students to take because it helped them “memorize and concentrate on their studies” much better than before they were taking the supplement.  He recommended one capsule twice a day for three months for ideal effects.

Another consumer sited a clinical study done at the Brain Sciences Institute of the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia.  It stated that when taken for a year, there was substantial improvement in memory capabilities and those who took four capsules a day rather than two that were recommended saw significant improvement.

One consumer responded to another who had undergone radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism and had read that it has side effects when taken with the thyroid medication.  He stated there was a report that the Memo Plus Gold provides “significant relief to thyroid patients”.

When dozens of clinical studies have been performed on patients, and the Memo Plus Gold has been on the market for more than 14 years, there are plenty of patients who have found the product to be beneficial.  It has been found to provide significant improvement in brain function and memory, and better than any other product on the market today.  Three thousand years of use by Brahmin monks certainly speaks well for the component in the Brami plant that is in Memo Plus Gold and plenty of test regarding Memo Plus Gold Side Effects shows that the Bacopa Monnieri extract brings positive side effects to human.Natural memory enhancer