Online Learning sites help kids learn, expand their skills and find their interests

Posted on May 21, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

On-line Learning sites help kids learn, expand their skills and find their interests

Before the invention of the Internet, parents and teachers correspondingly had to come up with creative new ways to teach children in order to keep them interested in learning and challenged enough to continue on to the next level.  One of the greatest sources for parents and teachers are the assorted Online Learning programs.  These are designed for each grade group from Kindergarten through twelfth grades.  When the skills are mastered in the lower grade, the next series builds on what they have learned to ensure they remember those skills and can learn new ways of applying what they have learned.


One thing adults, who want to further their education, find is that Online Learning is a great benefit for a busy schedule.  It’s actually quite the same for kids.  Between soccer practice, dance class, horse-back riding lessons, and band practice, the time that’s left is spent on homework with little time left for quality family time.  One good way that parents can work with their young children and spend some quality time with them at the same time is with Online Learning programs.  Parents can see what their child is doing with these lessons, work with them to help them solve the problems they are given (without doing it for them), and have the joy of watching them learn.

With so many options available for these Online Learning sites, parents have so much to choose from, and the kids are excited about something new that they can do together.  Whether it’s a counting less or identifying shapes and various colors for the young child, having a spelling lesson or history lesson for an older child, or interacting with them as they put what they have learned into practical use.  Parent can know exactly what the child has learned in the lesson and can reinforce the lessons by finding things around the home to show them how the lesson applies.

Free and Effective

Although many of these on-line games are free, there are some where the parent has to allow the child to join the web site; the majority of these don’t charge to join, but they do ask for certain information.  Much of the information is in order to keep track of which game the child is playing and to ensure that the points are awarded. Parents can get onto these games and see how well their kids are doing and look at the various activities they have selected to do.  These game are educational and great for the kids; however, they are entertaining and ensure the learning process is enjoyable enough to make them want to stick with it and continue learning more.

Some of these On-line Learning class helps the kids to work on their reading skills, math skills, and writing skills, while others focus on their artistic side with art games and hand eye coordination games.  These are generally arranged by age group to ensure that the learning is age appropriate and the children are appropriately challenged.  As they get better at the skills, they move up to the next level or the next series of games. 

Motivation or Encouragement

Some parents have learned the secret that they don’t always share with the kids, shhhh, “they are actually learning a lot while they are playing these Online Learning games”.  For some kids if they are told they have to go do the on-line work now, it becomes a chore, and when parents use these games as motivation to learn, and encouragement to want to get to the next level, they begin to enjoy learning.  With the music and colors that are often used in the interactive games, it doesn’t really make it seem like learning, when it feels like a game.  Their little brains are being exercised and they don’t even realize it.

Book Worms Even Find it Fun

For the child who would rather curl up with a good book and read, many of these Online Learning sites allow them to do just that because it increases their vocabulary skills by allowing them to more easily find books that interest them.  They may have greater skills reading, but lack in their mathematical development, and parents can have the kids work on the math puzzles and games which also tend to become fun for them as well.

Excellent Solution

Parents and teachers alike have such a wide resource in helping their kids learn with Online Learning sites that help them greatly expand their skills and find their interests.

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