Study Tips for College Students

Posted on December 3, 2013 · Posted in How to Study
Study Tips for College Students

Study Tips for College Students

Frequent searches for study tips for college students are common, especially during exam weeks. Students want to know how to study better to achieve good grades because if good grades are achieved there is a better chance of landing a job after graduation. However, recent studies show that many of these study tips are not as effective as was thought.

College students highlight, summarize, reread, paraphrase, and use mnemonics, etc. to help them memorize pages of all sorts of reading materials, without realizing that this doesn’t exactly produce great results. Well, not as compared to taking practice tests repeatedly, as well as practicing a routine or habit that distributes study activities over time.

These two study methods are Practice Testing and Distributed Practice, and they prove the most efficient when it comes to studying for exams. Unfortunately, most study tips for college students do not include these study methods, for the very reason that most college students are less likely to make practice tests for themselves and most are less likely to spread their time of study.

Spreading out study activities over time

There are thousands of explanations as to why spreading out study activities over time benefits the human brain in terms of retention and memory more than rereading, summarizing, paraphrasing and whatever other study methods you can think of. However, the best benefit about spreading out study activities is that it lets the brain take a rest.

Much like how High Intensity Interval Training is most effective because it allows the body to rest in between bursts, such as sprinting then jogging then sprinting again. The Distributed Practice works in the exact same way.

Studying for an hour every day helps the brain cope with the amount of information it has to take in. In between study sessions the brain can rest and absorb all the information, meaning that it can remember far more of the required reading materials.

Coming up with your own tests

Fortunately, most college students know what types of examination they will encounter. Therefore they should know how to structure their self-made tests. A common comparison with this type of study method is the practice method used by famous sports icons.

Ray Allen, a player in the National Basketball Association, who holds the record for the most three point shots in the said basketball league, attributes his proficiency to his practice methods. His ways of practicing include putting himself in various situations that mimic in-game situations, such as running and catching the ball, as well as shooting it and then doing this repeatedly hundreds and even thousands of times.

By doing so, the way he shoots in practice is the same way he shoots during the game, leading to a more accurate three point shot. Also, by practicing as if he were playing an actual game, he knows how to adjust his shot, etc. during practice, making him a better player.

Making your own practice tests after a study session and doing them before your next examination will help in terms of retention and will let you know what you need to study for your following session.

Asking friends

Friends in your group can be extremely resourceful. Some of them must be knowing what exactly you should target in order to answer questions. They can tell you the materials that they are studying and guide you well.

These study methods incorporate everything

If you think about it, these two study tips for college students or rather, these two study methods incorporate everything. If you study at intervals and spread it over a period, you will essentially still summarize, reread, paraphrase, and you may even still use mnemonics. However, you will do so more efficiently and this will definitely show in the results.

While other study tips for college students are still useful, these two are by far the most effective and have facts and research that actually back them up.

Thus, as a college student that knows the best study tips for college students out there, you may want to cut the cramming and study in shorter periods over a longer period of time. After all, this will give you more time to relax for a day or even days before your exam.Natural memory enhancer