The Best Memory Enhancement Techniques

Posted on March 29, 2013 · Posted in Memory Improvement Guides

Brain – a factory of energy and ideasMemory enhancement techniques are ways or methods used to enhance the body memory and to improve it. We all need to have a sharp memory so that we can remember some of the most important things that we learn daily or come across. The human body is not that complicated as most people think. It only needs proper feeding and exercises for all of its parts including the brain to function well. Back to the techniques, one of the best ways known for enhancing memory is by living calm, cool and a stress free lifestyle. When one is stressed, he or she thinks a lot and overworks the brain by always thinking too hard. The more one thinks under straining conditions, the higher the probability of one forgetting a lot of things thus degrading the memory enhancement. However, we live in a world full of problems so getting stressed up is some of our daily activities.

Get Proper Sleep:

Getting sufficient rest and sleep is also another technique that most people tend to assume. Nowadays, people are busy looking for money, jobs or even watching movies forgetting that the brain and the whole body needs to sleep. If you didn’t know-now you know, never cut your sleeping time, it should be 6-8 hours for an adult. When the brain is tired and has not rested, it tends to forget a lot of things. Naps during the day before sleeping are also very important since they help the brain in energizing and visualizing the information it has.

Eating Of Proper Diet:

There are lots of food types but some are specifically effective in improving memories. Healthy diets and balanced diets are the good examples of these foods. Some examples of foods that are healthy for the brain include blueberries, sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, fish and fish oil, spinach and Omega-3 supplements since they contain ingredients such as vitamin B12, anthocyanin, Nasunin and antioxidants which clean the body by destroying the diseases causing micro-organism. The food components found in these foods are good for making the brain healthy thus improving memory.

Brain Exercises:

Just like the body which gets tired and needs rest, and sometimes gets dull and needs exercise; this also applies to the brain. For the brain to remain active and not to forget, it must be exposed to thinking situations. One should try and participate in games such as puzzles, brain teasers and memory games. These will help the brain remain active and retain all what it has. When one takes part in such games, his or her mind gets freshened up. Such games need concentration so as one is deeply contemplating, he or she improves the retention capability of the brain by thinking hard and not letting go to all the things that are mind.


This mainly applies in the yoga sessions where people are told to visualize. For example, one has to sit in a particular posture especially with the back and the hands spread out while the palm facing upwards. This is where one meditates on something. One should visualize doing a certain activity and should feel it, by closing the eyes and breathing in and out deeply, one should feel something that is has not occurred in reality but on meditation. Visualization helps people to memorize and remember things. One memory capacity is enhanced and becomes easier to recall lots of things in the future.


By repeating something over quite a number of times, one will never forget and that’s only increases ones brain capacity. By one repeating something for a long, the words stick in his or her head. Repetition only makes it easier for the brain to understand more and never forget.
Varying activities- this is also another technique that has lead to memory enhancements. Instead of always taking part or doing the same activities over and over again, trying some new activities will change your brain thinking perspective. The brain needs to be exposed to the different worlds with varying surroundings. This will make the brain improve in its memory. Use the best memory enhancement techniques to improve your brain memory.Natural memory enhancer