Tips for Improving Memory Techniques

Posted on March 10, 2013 ยท Posted in Blog, Memory Improvement Guides

Many of us desire to have a picture perfect memory, but indeed how many of us actually understand how to go about achieving it through relevant improving memory techniques? Indeed, obtaining a good memory is not so much a granted notion as it is an exercise to maintain. First comes the ability to concentrate. Most of us are not born with the ability to focus on a material at hand, we have to train our minds to do it. The most effective way to go about achieving it is to commit oneself to believing that whatever is being handled is of the utmost importance.

Indeed, the ability to recollect a memory is directly associated with how much importance is placed on it in general. And therein comes another very interesting concept. We do not forget anything. Our brains are so programmed that it can store an unrivalled amount of data in one lifetime and still go fairly empty. The problem that we face is the process of recollection. In order to efficiently organize our thoughts into a coherent whole, it is usually advised not to go on cramming your brain with information all at once. Rather, go for multiple sessions and study the same thing for a while which you would otherwise have done in one go.

Tips for Improving Memory Techniques

Structuring and organizing memory for quick access is also a factor to look into. Group all similar data in your mind together so that if you try thinking back later, you will be able to get it all en masse. Usage of the whole human mind is impossible at our current levels. Experts have deduced that geniuses can utilize about 1% of their brain more than any average person, and that amounts to about a twentieth of the full brain capacity. But utilizing the whole available to us to the utmost of our ability is what makes each of us stand out.

Try using the whole brain to store information. Relate to known facts any unknown variable. This does not mean that it has to be a physical association either. Just a short phrase or a mnemonic intended to jolt back your memory to recollect a fact is as easily used as conjuring up a picture to co-relate facts. Psychologists have found that even though visualization is indeed one of the best processes around, there is an even better way to go about mastering the techniques. That is to coach another in the subject you wish to master. Indeed, it is often through exploration of unknown avenues of knowledge that stark and relevant facts come up. Even you would be surprised at the different perspectives that others can come up with to answer previously unheard of questions.

However, gaining a good memory is not merely about training yourself. Leading a healthy and good life is just as important. Keeping stress in check is one of the primary things to consider in this aspect. Remember, your mind would not be able to keep up with the body unless the body itself is healthy to boot. Maintaining healthy relations with plenty of laughter to go around helps keep our minds refreshed to be more receptive to new ideas. In this context, sleep and exercise of the body as a general is as important as considering the needs of the brain in particular.

Have you ever thought about how many senses it actually takes to taste? Instinctively, we use our sense of smell at least as much in effectively deciphering the taste of a new food as we use our tongues. In the same way, it is usually extremely important to receive a memory with as many senses as possible. Use your sense of touch and that of hearing along with your vision. All information stored in a brain is nothing more than a set of neural or electrical impulses. It then just follows reasoning that creating as many pathways between different information by way of association between them is going to help in their retrieval.

Researchers have now positively confirmed that consumption of fruit, vegetables and walnuts along with a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids (found in fishes) are quite useful. At the end, it is your general interest in employing improving memory techniques which are as much needed as an active interest in pursuing them in order for them to be effective.Natural memory enhancer