Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Posted on March 5, 2013 · Posted in General

Ways to Boost Your Brain PowerBrain power is the curiosity to know more, discover new things and keep our minds open to explore the world around us. The power of mind or the brain power is very strong and helps us to move ahead with precision and act with alertness.
We have always known that our minds are very powerful and can do wonders, more than anyone can imagine. Generally speaking we use a very small part of our brain so one can understand the potentiality of our mind.

Brain power is a more comprehensive intelligence yet to be unfolded. We are only trained to use a small part only. The human brain is malleable thus it can be molded and made to rewire itself. The brain can also grow more new cells. We need to fine tune the brain regularly so that the brain power remains as good and alert as ever.

Our behavior and environment cause major differences, improves execution skills of the brain. Brain power means the degree in which it can perform multitasking, planning, organizing and the effectiveness in the way it operates. Listening to music, playing games which require concentration and thinking also stimulates the brain thus induces brain power. Meditation is another way in which the cognitive performance of the brain is enhanced and thus the brain power is also enhanced.

The brain needs stimulation all the time so that it can keep up its performance and agility.
There are many activities which can do exactly this – Increase brain power and improve memory, thereby unleashing the true and full potential of the brain.

  • Solving brain teasers and puzzles.
  • One must try to cultivate ambidexterity which is using both the hands to do various things like brushing teeth, combing hair or using the mouse on the computer.
  • one must enjoy ambiguity like paradoxes or optical illusions
  • mind mapping is another activity which would make you think harder thus make your brains sharper
  • Trying to block one or more senses like eating blindfolded, wearing ear plugs and showering with your ears closed
  • One must try, taste and compare tastes like that of chocolate and cheese
  • trying to use different keyboards to confuse the mind thus make it more alert
  • trying to find novel ideas of usage of things like that of a nail
  • learning and adopting creativity techniques
  • thinking beyond the right answers
  • solving logical puzzles to be able to reason and think logically
  • Think positively and draw anything that comes to your mind, you need not be perfect.
  • learning to juggle which would help improve balance and concentration
  • eating good nutritious brain foods.
  • exercising has direct impact on a healthy and powerful brain
  • drink lots of water
  • breathe deeply and take in maximum oxygen
  • laugh and laugh wholeheartedly
  • sleep well and at least for 7-8 hours
  • must pursue some hobby to de-stress yourself
  • taking power naps in between make you feel more energetic and brain is fresh to work again
  • You must learn to conquer procrastination
  • mastering self talking helps building brain power
  • playing some musical instrument makes you feel peaceful and good
  • Playing brain games like crossword puzzles, sudoku and mastermind to name some
  • Be happy – joke around and feel happy
  • create an idea bank and capture new ideas and store there
  • ¬†learning a foreign language makes you work your brain and concentrate on new experiences
  • play challenging games like spelling words backwards
  • Write a story or a poem or a blog, if you like to write
  • play memory games to stimulate the brain
  • Try and cultivate empty mind by meditating. This brings focus and makes you pursue your goals more effectively
  • contemplating also brings in peace thus enhancing brain power
  • You must give time to yourself by contemplating and spending time in solitude
  • participate in brain storming exercises
  • developing self awareness makes you powerful in your mind

Brain power is the ability to be able to have capacity to do various activities with speed, clarity and with all cognitive skills in place. All this is possible with good brain foods and a good sleep. Brain power enables you to focus on your goals and thus helps you to achieve them as well.Natural memory enhancer