What is Effectively Study Technique?

Posted on September 4, 2012 · Posted in How to Study

A study technique is a general method that one uses in the process of studying. Many people while studying do not really get to the root of what they are doing and mostly the time spent ends up to be a total waste of time and a fruitless waste of energy. This is mainly because of our divided attention as there are usually many things fighting for attention. Considering the fact that studying is a lifetime process which we not only use to progress from one level to another in schools, it is important to get the best of the techniques used. The key to studying is not cramming or lengthy study hours but it lies in smart studying which can be illustrated through the following sub topics.

Study Approach

Most people have a negative approach to studying while some go as far as taking it as a punishment. Studying is a necessary task that one should enjoy since it provides an opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge. Research has proved that apart from working hard in a certain field, having the right approach is a key factor which should be taken into consideration.

By now you should have realized that brain is not a machine that can be pushed to whatever limits a person wants. It is therefore good if one goes with its pace and try not to force anything that involves mental working when it is not psyched up for the task. Divided attention should also be taken care of.
Creating the right mindset also involves thinking positively about what you are doing and avoiding catastrophic thinking or absolute thinking. This can be taken as pessimistic thinking of your actions and will surely lead to failure.

Different people have different capabilities and comparing yourself to others will usually lead to a lot of straining or underperformance which usually adds up to no good.

Study Environment

The study environment involves anything around a studying person, be it tangible or intangible. A study environment should be kept clear of any kind of destructive noise. It is usually advised that one should carry everything that they need and nothing that they don’t. Carrying everything avoids any form of movement thus having an ample time and also total concentration. There are some things that one might need but are good if done away with. Take for example a computer which is a very efficient study machine but also proves to be one of the worst distractions owing to its variety of uses. It is therefore wiser to consider other options like text books.

It is also good to have a permanent study place with a fixed schedule. This helps to associate time and place to your study and thus easier to keep up with a reading habit. Avoid extremely comfy areas as they will most probably shift your moods to resting.

Study Methods

While studying, it has been proved that outlining and rewriting your notes makes remembering easier at a later date. It has been noted that everybody has a unique of putting down information, also known as chunking by cognitive psychologists. It is therefore important to make your own notes from whichever source you are using.
Use of memory games or mnemonic devices is a sure way of jogging our memories. This does not sideline practice either by yourself or your friends as the old adage goes, practice makes perfect. You can do this by use of practice exams, past quizzes or flash cards. These methods not only remind one of what they have learnt but also increase the breadth of the content.

It is usually very important to make a schedule that you can stick to. The frequency of your reading is not important at all but understanding is. Take breaks where necessary to wade off any form of body strain.
Knowing your expectations should not be left out here as it is the main guideline to whatever you are doing. Keeping on track helps you to maximize you time and also avoid mixing of information.
These are some of most important and effective study techniques which if taken into account can lead to a smooth program that will enable one to study effectively with a promise of no hitches.Natural memory enhancer