The Holistic Method to Teach Your Child

Posted on August 27, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

Parenting – a phase of life which everyone waits for eagerly and dread at the same time. Will I be able to bring my child up well? Will I be able to instil in him or her effective study methods? Are these common questions which plague you when you think parenting? Often we hear of children who study the day before an exam yet manage to pass them with flying colours. This is not because that child is smarter than yours, but because that child has the boon of holistic learning methods.

What is a holistic learning technique?

Holistic learning is basically a method of learning which involves a particular pattern through which your child can easily assimilate information. It is not a question of whether other children are more intelligent than yours or not. Most of the time, youngsters can score well due to their learning procedure. The holistic teaching method also ensures that both parents and kids spend a lot of time together. This serves to strengthen their bond further.

How can I instil a holistic learning technique?

There are several ways by which you can instil this technique in your child’s study method. Starting young is an integral part of improving your parenting skills and helping your child study. Do not wait for your kid to grow up and then try holistic teaching techniques. As your child is growing up, teach them in a manner so that they may grow up and follow the same technique. A second parenting tip is that you can kick start this method by asking questions such as, how can the topic of study be related to various daily activities? Or how can he/or she  relate the topic which he or she is studying to other topics. This gives your child an idea of how to study and once they get the gist they can implement their own techniques when studying.

Another point is that it is necessary for parents and kids to connect before starting this process. If your child is unable to express his or her problems, the holistic technique will be a complete waste of time. This is because of you want to teach your child to learn in a particular way, he or she has to overcome his or her problems and those can be expressed only if the relation between the parents and kids is a good one.

Depicting the study material also helps. If what has to be studied is presented in the form of a diagram, it will be easier for your child to memorize the information. Visually understanding a particular piece of information is much easier than trying to remember the text. Thus, by drawing out the study material, your child can create a pattern using which he or she can remember the information provided. In the process you improve on your parenting as well.

The inevitable question which arises next is how can a child depict an abstract concept such as a formula? In this case, the simplest method which can be applied is by relating the formula to something your child is familiar with. Parenting skills dictate that you can also tell your child to use his or her imagination. For instance, if your child needs to measure the diameter of a particular circle, he can imagine himself standing in the middle of the circle and thus try to figure it out using the formula given. This works wonders as it also helps your child develop an active imagination which too can help him in many ways.

Helping your child come up with various, seemingly unrelated links to aid his studying process is also an important parenting skill. If your child is presented with some information which he or she cannot link to any other related topic, this is a very useful method. For instance, in case a number needs to be memorised, your child can link it to a tree and imagine a number being stuck on the tree. This completely unrelated link is in face what helps a child remember a lot of information most of the time.

Lastly, parenting is all about being able to teach your child valuable lessons to help him or her get through life. Do not doubt your parenting skills and trust your instincts – you will never go wrong. If you feel that you are going wrong, there are always various parenting tips available for parents and kids.Natural memory enhancer