How To Study English – Important Tips

Posted on August 2, 2012 · Posted in How to Study

There are very many ways to catch a rat just as there ways of how to study English. English requires that you practice, practice and continue to practice. Whichever way that you choose to use to study does not matter so long as you are committed. If you are a beginner then all you need to do is to learn and if you are studying for the sake of an exam then what you will need is just to study English smart. Below are a few tips and points on how to study English smartly.

Tips for success on how to study English

  • Study daily so that you are able to perfect on your English
  • Change the methods that you use to study so that you are able to learn more. You could listen to a radio, read a book or discuss with a friend.
  • Start with the topics that will be of interest to you
  • Make frequent conversations in English with a friend
  • Read a lot of literature in English
  • Make use of your English dictionary
  • Make use of new words and be sure to write them down so that you are able to learn new vocabulary

Points to consider on how to study English and improve your grades

  • Learning English should be a gradual process so start slowly with the simple things before you proceed to the tougher ones
  • Have clearly outlined objectives that you aim to achieve as you learn and these can change as you progress
  • Learning materials vary so you need to ensure that you have a variety of material to use for your study be it poetry or grammar
  • Learn habitually on a continuous basis so that you are able to recall what you have learnt on a regular and continuous basis
  • Make a relationship between the grammar that you are studying and the practical application in a real life scenario
  • Do not be too hard on yourself when you don’t understand and be sure to be patient with yourself so that are able to achieve your goals in the end

Steps on how to study English literature

  1. Read through the whole text and while doing so try to get the main idea of the literature at first
  2. Make a summary of the chapters that you are reading in short form so that when you review you will be able to get the important points.
  3. Try your level best to make out profiles of the characters and most importantly the main characters as you try to understand the roles that they play
  4. Make out notes that are detailed once you have already understood what the literature is all about
  5. An important point to note is that you should always read through the text about three times first before you are able to say that you have fully understood what it is all about.

Tips on how to study English and master it for the beginners

  1. Have confidence in your English especially when you are speaking itNatural Memory Booster
  2. Invest your resources in wanting to know more and learn English
  3. Use the media as a means of learning by watching English films and television; you could also listen to English radio
  4. Look for English exercises and test yourself on how much you have already learnt
  5. Record as you speak and learn English so that you will be able to use what you record later on
  6. Have a native English speaker whom you will be able to listen to or if you do not have one, then you can listen to the speakers from the television
  7. Invest in an English class where you will learn, interact and even form study partners with other students who are studying English.
  8. Study as often as you can since this is a new language for you
  9. There is quite a lot of information out there on how to study English and the above information is just some of the many that you can use to study but you need not forget that lots of practice is a must.

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