Improving Your Study Methods For Better Grades

Posted on August 16, 2012 · Posted in How to Study

There are many methods for improving your study and different people have different ways to study. What works for one may not necessarily work for another since people are different and have different demands when it comes to studying. Although, this may be true, still there are some methods that are certainly better than others and the difference between passing and failing may be attributed to the kind of method that you will use to study. Research clearly indicates that self realization is the first key to knowing the kind of method that best suits different people.

As you choose the study methods or study method that you want to use you will need to bear the following;

  • The environment that you choose to study in should be suitable enough. Meaning that you will need to ensure that your sitting is free from any sort of distractions such as T.V sets and loud music including too much food.
  • Have all the stationery that you will need such as the pencils, pens, rulers, or calculators as this will prevent you from becoming distracted from time to time as you move around looking for these things.
  • You will have to over learn your material so that you can fully understand the kind of material that you are dealing with. Never underestimate the subject matter that you will be reading and instead lean all that pertains to that subject matter.
  • Make a study timetable that will be comprehensive taking into consideration the time breaks and the appropriate reading time.¬†After doing this you will have to be very faithful to the timetable and the hours that you have set aside to study

The kind of study methods people choose go hand in hand with the kind of learner that they are. There are three types of learners the visual learners, the kinesthetic learners and the auditory learners.

Visual learners learn best by seeing; this may include pictures, graphs or images. If you are such a learner you are probably interested more when you are able to see colorful things so a method that would work best for you would be to draw graphs and pictorial representations of what it is that you are reading as this will be able to open up your mind and you will be more interested in what you do. You may also use flash cards that have small drawings at the bottom and come in different colors.

Auditory learners are able to learn by hearing as they will be able to recall the voice and what was taught. If you are such a learner, then the best study methods for you would be to either record yourself or the lecturer and then you can be able to listen to the tape record later on. You can also be creative and create a song that you can record and sing along as you learn.

Kinesthetic learners are more interested in physical learning; you will want to physically touch what you are reading about or even know how it physically works. Although this is a challenge while reading certain subjects such as English, it works well with others such as History so if you are such a learner the best method would be to look for the features and work with them physically.
Different subjects require that you use different techniques and at the same time you may need to use different study methods for these different subjects. For example;

  • Mathematics, Physics and Engineering subjects are problem solving subjects therefore they require that you work out the problems as opposed to just reading through and these kinds of subjects cannot just be sung along.
  • For subjects such as biology, history, Psychology or sociology, you will need to break them up into smaller concepts so that you can be able to understand what they mean and get the bigger picture.
  • There are also subjects such as History and English that are separated into bits so you will need to piece them up together and get their correlation.

There are a variety of study methods as shown above but the key selecting a method to use largely depends on the kind of learner that you are and most importantly the kind of subject that you are studying.Natural memory enhancer