Find The Suitable Study Guide That Helps You In Learning

Posted on August 8, 2012 · Posted in How to Study

By Raviraj

All the students need to find the accurate study guide, because many of them find studying difficult. This is the reason why a deep research is needed to find those tips that are able to help taking a step forward, when it comes to study. When school is starting, all the students have to learn and for this, they are in need of some great tips on how to learn efficiently. You don`t want to study when you have to, but if you follow the following tips, you`ll learn much better and faster. You need to be aware of the fact that not all the methods of learning suit you, even if these are efficient for others. The most effective methods are those adopted for your predominant style. The three cognitive learning styles are: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

After you realized which your predominant style is, try to apply as many methods as possible that will be further listed in this article. You can also inspire from the methods of the other styles.

Study Guide

How To Learn If You Have A Visual Cognitive Style?

Persons who have this style of learning understand the information mostly when they see it. They remember what they write and what they read and can remember diagrams, chapter titles and maps very well. They have a penchant for visual presentations and projects.

Here are the tips on how to learn better for these persons:

  • The place where you learn should be situated in a place where there aren`t any objects that can attract your attention (door, window). In the classroom, stay in the front places.
  • When you are learning, do this alone.
  • While you are talking to someone, look at that certain person and see if he/she agrees with you in what you`re saying.
  • Before you start to memorize something, go through the material that you`re going to learn, looking at the pictures, diagrams and figures.
  • The ideas that you need to retain can be highlighted with colors, markers or can be written down on colored cards.

How To Learn If You`Re Predominantly Auditory?

Persons with the auditory learning style remember information that they heard and things that are said in words and instructions. They understand the information mostly when they hear it, and they prefer discussions taking place in the school or in small groups.

Here are the tips for these persons, in order to learn better:

  • It is good for you to learn in silent places, without too many noise and preferably, without music.
  • It`s recommended to study with a friend, with who you can discuss about the material.
  • Reread or say aloud the information that you wish to remember for a longer time.
  • Try to present your material orally, and make repetitions aloud to prepare for your presentations.
  • Ideal is to make a record of the material that you have to learn, so you can hear it as many times as possible.
  • Read aloud the text that needs to be learned. You have to hear the words that you`re saying, because thus, you can easily understand their meaning.
  • You can also make mathematical calculations aloud, when this is possible.

How To Learn If You`Re Touch-Kinesthetic?

Persons with the touch-kinesthetic learning style remember what they do and their personal experiences that they were part of, by touching or moving objects. They have a good memory of things applied and exercised in practice. They also prefer to use instruments and they like the lessons in which they can be actively implied.

Here are the tips for the persons with this learning style:

  • The office or the school aren`t the best places to learn. You can rather use comfortable areas that allow you to be in a relaxed position. You can also use background music, until this doesn`t agitate you too much.
  • When you`re with others, you can attract their attention. This is the reason why it`s indicated to move or make exercises during breaks.
  • Frequent and short breaks can help you when you need to learn a lot of material.
  • Before you start a learning task, take a walk and say aloud what you have to learn.
  • A memorizing technique is to “write down” the main idea in your mind, keeping your eyes closed, or to write the words with your finger on your desk.
  • You can also use cards on which you note the main ideas and you`ll put these in different places of your room.

You don`t need more study guide, because these are great tips to rapidly find out, which of the three ways would be the efficient one for you. Enjoy learning!Natural memory enhancer