How to Instill Leadership Skills in Your Child

Posted on August 29, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

In today’s world where everyone is simply trying to win the never ending rat race the pressure starts early. Peer pressure forces children to walk the wrong path sometimes. As a parent, are these thoughts which regularly cross your mind? Well, a large part of parenting involves teaching your children that they always have the option to say “no”.

The generation gap which comes between parents and kids often creates a huge rift between the two, making it practically impossible for parents to communicate with their children and vice versa. However, there are various parenting tips which you could follow to make sure that you help your child follow the right path. Of course, as parents you can only show them the path, choosing the right one is a decision you must leave up to them and this is where your parenting skills come in.

One way by which you can mould your child, so that he or she may choose the correct path is by instilling in him or her leadership qualities from a young age. Leadership qualities also ensure that your child will grow up to be a self sufficient and independent adult capable of taking care of himself or herself. Honestly speaking isn’t that what all of us want for our children at the end of the day?

Parenting your child to become an effective leader may seem to be a tough job and many might ask how, but by teaching your kid certain values and morals and also teaching him to stick to them is what really counts. Being a good leader teaches your child how to manage a group and work in a team. The leader must know the individual talents of each member and exploit them accordingly when assigned a task. By using your parenting skills you must teach your child these virtues and hope that he or she utilises them accordingly.

A leader is someone who is chosen by his friends or peers rather than one who considers himself to be worthy of the position of a leader. Therefore, as a parent, you must teach your child the values and ethics which would later aid him in being chosen for this position. An important parenting tip is that while it is good to teach your kid to be a leader, that should not be your primary objective, you should primarily try to teach your child values and morals. Only then can you hope that he or she utilises these morals learnt in a fruitful manner.

I know many parents feel that no matter how much you try to teach your child, he just does not listen to you. This is a major issue which everyone faces when they start parenting. However, this does not mean you force your child to conform to rules which you think will help him as an individual. Rather than forcing, coaxing or gently explaining will help him. Parents and kids need to be friends in order for one to be able to teach the other.

For instance, children do not have the inbuilt ability to know and understand human emotions. So, when at the play ground, you must teach your child to play fair and not grab toys which belong to other children. At the same time you must teach your child that sharing is an important aspect of life. You must find innovative ways to use your parenting skills and teach your child, because forcing them is not going to help anyone in the long run.

Another important parenting tip which will help you mould your child to be a leader is to teach him or her to look at different situations from different perspectives. One situation may have many sides to it and to be an effective leader, your child will have to learn how to deal with conflicts which involves him or her looking at a situation from different perspectives.

Reading is a habit which is barely instilled in children nowadays, and that is truly a great shame. Being a leader involves being knowledgeable. Therefore, encourage your child to read books and newspapers. Reading to your child at bedtime is also an important parenting skill. Finally, a child learns only what he sees at home. Parents and kids need to spend time together and you will realise that an important aspect of parenting is learning from your child as well.Natural memory enhancer