Manners Taught Easily by Setting an Example & Love

Posted on September 19, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

Manners are very important in our everyday lives. Teaching your child the right manners about how to behave and conduct himself in public is a very important aspect of parenting. One way of teaching your child manners is by setting an example. You must watch what you say and what you do in front of your child if you want him to pick up good manners. The following parenting tips should guide you with regard to teaching manners to your child.

Manners Taught easily

 Parents sometime have a tendency to go on about something if they do not like it. However, this may have the opposite effect if you are trying to teach manners. Children like to try their parents’ patience by purposely doing that which they are repeatedly told not to. For instance you may use your parenting skills and continuously tell your child to wash his hands before coming to dinner and he may derive pleasure out of doing exactly the opposite. So, what do you do? Instead of nagging constantly, just allot certain harmless punishments. For instance, if your child does not come to the dinner table with washed hands, make him help you wipe the dishes after dinner. That way, your child will learn to listen to you rather than disobey.

 Another parenting tip is to teach your child to say “please” or “thank you” at home itself, so that when he is out for a dinner with you or you have guests over, he learns to say these things himself. Set an example by using these words yourself in daily conversation. Chances are that when your child sees you doing it, he is going to pick it up himself.

 Be patient. This is the golden rule of parenting. Patience is the key to getting your child to do something for you. Instead of screaming and shouting with the entire family being engaged in a tumult of activity over something as simple as table manners, patiently teach your child the right things. Do not try to burden him with too much information; he will not be able to remember. So, pull up your socks and use all your parenting skill to remain patient. Do not scold him if he does something wrong, just explain it to him again, he will surely get it right the second time round.

 Calling your child names, even harmless ones like “slob” or “useless” can nudge him in the direction of not listening to you. As mentioned before, parenting requires you to be patient. You have to understand that your child is not as mature as you and therefore may take a little extra time to get things right. Constantly calling him names will make him think that nothing can please you, so he will soon stop trying. Also, since he sees you doing this, he will pick it up and maybe use it at another time. Children are very sensitive and need to be handled with utmost care. Parenting teaches us to be patient and watch what we say in front of our kids.

 Sometimes it is good to just relax your strenuous attempts to teach your child table manners and just give in. When alone at home, tell your child that he can eat in any way he feels fit. Let him make a mess when eating. Children need to be messy and unclean sometimes. While some parenting tips may suggest that you need to teach your kids all the time, it is good to relent sometimes.

 The best way to teach children is by involving them in the activity you want them to learn. So hang up your perfectionist apron for a day and let them help you set the table when guests come home. Parenting tips also encourage parents to let their children help in the cooking. Allowing your child to help you cook will give them a sense of importance and also make sure they learn what they are doing. Besides, by allowing this, parents and kids get to spend more time together.

So, before you look up parenting tips which encourage harsh punishments if your child disobeys you try these milder steps and see how they work out. Parenting may sometimes get on your nerves, but remember, they are only kids.Natural memory enhancer