How should Parents and Kids communicate properly?

Posted on February 4, 2013 · Posted in Parenting

An open mind on behalf of both the parents and kids is going to be instrumental in allowing the communication process to flow smoothly. As parents we encourage our children to come to us with any problems, concerns or issues they may be having, yet when they show up at our door we don’t know how to reply to the problems they present us with. If the parents and kids are not completely comfortable with the topic of conversation being entered into, valuable information may be lost or omitted in order to assuage the discomfort and make the conversation appear to be concluded. This break down occurs because of a trust/fear issue on one or both parties’ part and can damage the result of the discussion, leaving the problem unresolved at a satisfactory level for all.

Parents and kids have a unique relationship, parents want nothing but the best for their children and the children want what they think is best for them without concern over how it makes their parents feel; therefore both sides of the communication process have widely different views on which course of action to take. When children are afraid of being heard they will hide information or come up with cover stories and lies to pass off to their parents, when parents are terrified of what their child is telling them, some will tend to omit their true feelings regarding the event and leave material available for interpretation which almost always leads to more problems between the parents and kids for years to come.

Parents and Kids communicate properly

If you would like to learn how to properly communicate between parents and kids it might be wise to seek the consultation or advice of a family therapist who is educated in resolving problems of this nature. Sometimes it can be very advantageous to have a mediator for the initial stages of rebuilding the relationship and communication process between the two affected parties. Family therapists are keen about what to look for and how to dig out the deeper roots of the problem and provide valuable information to both sides as to what steps to take next in order to continue the repair process. Parents and kids need to communicate effectively in order to promote family unity and strength, without this benefit the family unit suffers and deteriorates to a point of no return which ultimately affects all those around the affected pair as well.

Parents and kids are encouraged to engage in legitimate conversations with each other and when performed correctly the outcome of these events can be very rewarding and satisfactory to both parties equally. When a child approaches you as a parent with the request of occupying some of your time with a topic of concern they would like to discuss it is best to make time for them at the earliest possible convenience, if not immediately, then at a scheduled interval in the day that favors you both, it should not be shrugged off or avoided at any cost. This first interaction between parents and kids can determine the availability of pertinent information, especially if the child senses that their problems are not significant enough to warrant an interruption in the daily process of family life.

The opening of the conversation between parents and kids will also play a significant role in the outcome, do not make it seem as though you are pressed for time and have little patience for such interactions or the child will sense this and refrain from reaching out in the future. Make sure that any communication is done with care and compassion; otherwise the parents and kids included in the process will deviate from the topic and begin bringing other issues into the conversation that may not be relevant for the current situation.

Resource Box: Communication between parents and kids is a very important part of the relationship process, without it the family unit itself may become adversely affected. Make sure to listen and ask pertinent questions when having a conversation between parents and kids in order to ensure everything is handled to satisfaction for both parties.Natural memory enhancer