Understand your Baby’s Cry

Posted on August 9, 2012 · Posted in Parenting

When you are pregnant, everything seems right with the world. Your baby is on the way and you think that you are prepared to be a parent. You have read all the books on parenting and read all the possible parenting tips available. However, nothing can prepare you for the joys you face when you finally become a parent. You should realise, however, that the little bundle of joy looking up at you from the cradle can often bring tears of frustration to your eyes. There are several problems which mothers face right after the child is born. From tantrums to throwing up, rest assured that you have enrolled yourself for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. None the less, there are few things in this world which give you as much joy as your child. Therefore, if you are thinking of having a child, go ahead by all means and definitely remember to take care of yourself and your child even after the baby is born.

Parenting is a stressful time, especially the first few months when your baby has erratic sleeping hours and has not yet developed aunderstand your baby's cry time for feeding and all of that. Your baby may start crying at the drop of a hat and at one point you may even feel that you have failed miserably at parenting your child, that too in the first few months. However, do not be disheartened. Babies do not have any other method of communication, other than crying. If they want anything, they cry, if they are hungry they cry. So while at first it may be difficult getting your child to stop crying or to figure out why your child is crying, know that you will eventually decode the baby language. An important parenting tip that last for the entire of your parenting life is that you must be patient. Impatience is not encouraged when raising a child. It is not possible for a baby to know when you are having a bad mood. So even if your kid starts crying when you are suffering, you need to be patient with him or her. Impatience is a curse when it comes to parenting.

Sometimes, a baby may start crying simply to get your attention. The most difficult stage of parenting is perhaps before your child can start talking, when you need to understand from his or her manner of crying whether he or she is hungry, needs a diaper change or is simply craving for attention. Having some people like your in-laws or your own parents to help you when parenting a baby can be really useful sometimes. You need to remember that you and your husband are human too and may need some times off from all the temper tantrums and crying. However, a sign of good parenting is that you will begin to miss your child the second you leave him or her with someone else. A useful parenting tip when your baby is crying is that you can sometimes soothe him or her by singing. Research has shown that if a child is made to hear the same sound over and over again, they seem to calm down significantly. When your baby is crying and you cannot seem to figure out why, a very useful tip would be to hold him or her in your arms. Parenting means knowing your baby inside out. You must not forget to burp the baby right after he or she has been fed. The feeling may lead to severe discomfort which may be why your baby starts crying right after a meal.

Although if you search the net well, you will find a number of options regarding how you can make your baby stop crying, the best method available is for you to understand his or her cry. There is a definite difference between a child crying because he is sick and a child crying out of irritation. Learning to distinguish your child’s cry is an important aspect of parenting – one which you need to master as soon as possible. While you are caught up in the process of bringing up your baby, do not forget to enjoy the little joys which only parenting can give you.

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